Our services could not be further from “one and done.” We deliver our expertise in strategy and management consulting so that it withstands the test of time. It is our commitment to prepare your business for the future. We do this through a partnership and ongoing relationship. Ultimately, our services will provide the quality that you want without the extra billable hours; you’re charged for the true value you receive, and not a cent more.

“What We Do, Why We Do It, How We Do It, The People We Do It With”


Part of our expertise is that a majority of us are millenials. We live in the future. We are constantly studying new trends, technologies, the economy, and more. Therefore, we consider ourselves somewhat of a research laboratory. But we also consider ourselves a SWAT team. We want to get in, solve the problem, and get out. We want to serve you differently. If there is anything else specific that needs to be addressed outside of our expertise, then we’ll find the right person for you. We have a network of consultants that are aligned with our philosophy and approach to business who help use serve our clients.

We serve a spectrum of clients, bringing Fortune 100 experience to everyone we work with. From entrepreneurs and business owners with limited business experience to large, established firms that need subject matter experts and a fresh take, we are here to help businesses in whatever capacity they need.

Ultimately, we are experts in business, and we are going to bring you the best people to serve you and solve your problems.


We are experts in business. When we work with your company, we are bringing our Fortune 100 experience to you and your business. Our services range anywhere from business management and assessments to technology and innovation consulting. With every client, we focus on casting a vision for where you want to business to be and create a strategy for how to get there.

Because we are experts in business, we consider ourselves experts in strategy, project management, and execution. Our team will help assess where you are and how you are doing before we vision cast and develop strategies to find opportunities for growth and to be better. Then we help execute the strategies by helping manage and implement more support to get you where you want to be.


While we are currently based out of Dallas, we go where the work is. We currently serve clients from coast to coast in the US. We want to serve anyone anywhere – national or international. We go where we can serve.


We are honest people with real expertise. We hope that our experience with Big 4 consulting firms proves that we can and will fix problems with your company without extending the project to just make money. The core of TYG is to bring you quality solutions for both now and the future without overstaying our welcome.